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Superior Branding

Brand Success Relies on Masterful Storytelling. Is Yours Clear, Concise, Engaging?

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“Hey Walt, can you figure this out?”

I get that a lot. When I was six years old my father let me ‘play’ with his broken portable radio. Didn’t take long to figure out that the only thing broken was a wire connected to the speaker. I literally used a Band-Aid to put the wire back in place, and my astonished dad gave me the radio to keep as my own.

People still come to me asking, “Hey Walt, can you figure this out?” Except now they tend to be business owners and managers frustrated over sales or marketing problems. And I still specialize in finding fast and easy ways to make it work better…but Band-Aids are no longer my preferred remedy! These days, BRANDING is where I focus my diagnosis and treatment (No, I will not make any puns about ‘brand aids’).

The key to successful branding is understanding a customer’s deeper motivations. She is not buying a lipstick, she is looking for the key to beauty that will bring love, youth, and happiness. He is not hoisting a beer, he’s proclaiming his masculinity and intelligence, hoping to not only bond with his buddies but also catch the eye of a discerning woman.  These principles work equally well for consumer and B2C products, along with personal branding and reputation management.

One client is a multinational investment banker. Another is among America’s most innovative sales trainers and career counselors. Then there is that restaurant chain in Shanghai–I coached their English language skills for the global IPO road show. I’ve worked on Madison Avenue and on the digital frontier. Another notes of my ghostwriting skills, “Your words are always thoughtful, polite, inspirational and suitable to my style.”

My newest client is a remarkable non-profit in upper Manhattan, housed in one of the nation’s undiscovered architectural gems–a former Lowe’s movie palace with ALL of the original interior intact and nearly perfect. I’m creating a branding and marketing program to serve the local community, while also establishing the theater as an international showplace for the likes of Bob Dylan and even hit TV shows such as ‘Smash.’

If you wish, consider me your Personal Growth Practice Leader. My work goes far beyond conventional definitions of executive coaching.

I wrote the book “Myth, Magic and Marketing” which shows how the essence of good branding begins with a great story. And great stories are anchored by timeless truths and archetypal patterns of human behavior.

The first step in discovering your story is to contact me for a no-obligation consultation. I’ll explain our very simple, effective, and economical two week program to figure out your “new and improved”  brand story.  Send an email now!